Tuesday, September 6, 2011

New design for SimInsights website

Have you seen the new design of our website? What did you think?

The new design puts user created simulations front and center on the home page. The moment you land on our site, you are invited to run a simulation, generate charts, look at the numbers update, change simulation settings and re-run. You can then choose from several recent models created by our community. Scroll down to see the latest news through twitter feeds. And finally, a scrolling stream of our user quotes tells you why our users love us.

I feel that having simulations on the home page celebrates the creativity of our community. It also highlights the uniqueness of our platform as the first site that adds simulation to the various forms of expressions available on the web such as text, image, audio and video. But perhaps most importantly, it takes the fear out of simulation.

Having spent nearly 10 years in the engineering simulation industry, I know that poor usability has made a lot of grown-up people dread simulations. If the adults are so fearful, what chance do students have with this technology?

Well, our goal is to simplify simulation and harness its power to serve the user rather than terrify him. Our mission is to make our simulation tools so simple that anyone- no matter what the age, gender of education level- can have his or her first simulation running in less than a minute after landing on our site.

We are just getting started. So let us know what you think about whether we are off to a good start and how we can do a better job. Thanks for reading.

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