Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Simulation as form of expression

The internet provides unlimited opportunities for expression. At SimInsights, we are adding a new medium for expression: simulations. Simulations represent a very powerful amplifier for human understanding, cognition and thought. Just look at the multi-billion dollar simulation software and services industry to get a feel for the impact simulation technology has on our world. Boeing, Toyota, Porsche and practically every company making products and delivering services is leveraging simulations to cut costs and accelerate innovation. However, simulation software available today are very complex. It is a bit like computers in early days- you had to be a scientist to do anything with them. At SimInsights, we look at this as an interesting design and engineering problem to be solved. How can simulation be made so easy and intuitive so that middle school students can have fun doing it? Once it is easy and fun to do simulations, more and more people can begin to use them to amplify their understanding of the world and gain access to greater opportunities. And perhaps simulations can take their place next to other expression forms such as text, images, audio and video.

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