Monday, September 26, 2011

Lesson Design Contest for Teachers

We are working on an initiative that would enable the most creative, passionate science teachers to reach the greatest number of students with web-based lessons.

We want to run a competition for science teachers to create an engaging, interactive simulation based module to teach students a challenging concept in mechanics or electricity.

Your reward: we'll pay for your students to have snazzy new lab equipment, go on an awesome field trip, or you to get the awesome professional development workshop you've always wanted.

The catch: you need to use our platform to design and teach your lesson. Sure, we know it's basic and has stuff we could improve. We love feedback! In the meantime, start figuring out how you might use our tools to create that winning lesson.

We'll have more info for you in the coming weeks. If you have thoughts on prizes that you would like, companies you want to sponsor those prizes or know people who might have info on sponsoring a prize, hit me up! I'm working on finding some awesome sponsors for this contest! Let's recognize, reward and retain our best science teachers!

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