Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A new streamlined embeddable simulator

Today we are releasing a new streamlined design for our embeddable simulator (player).

Click the play button at the top to start the simulation. Then try out the Chart and Settings buttons at the bottom.

Just like embeddable video and slideshow players, the web needs embeddable simulators that facilitate meaningful discussions and stimulate thought. SimInsights is filling this void by providing simulators for mechanical systems and electrical circuits. Here is how it works. You log in to www.siminsights.com, free of charge, to build your simulation and then make it public. You can then copy the embed code and paste into blogs, wiki pages, online quizzes, e-books and other places.

Here are three examples of how the embeddable simulator can be used:
  1. Blogs: As part of a blog post (see above), simulations can promote deeper discussions about physics and engineering. 
  2. E-books: Embedded in e-books such as flexbooks by CK12, they can help students learn concepts through hands-on interaction. 
  3. Assessments: When embedded in online quizzes, the simulations can assess student understanding in rich ways that go well beyond multiple choice questions.
Whether your audience is using smartphones or iPad or PC or Mac, the SimInsights embeddable simulator makes your simulations universally accessible, so that the maximum number of people worldwide can benefit from it. Log in to siminsights.com and try it out.

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