Thursday, July 14, 2011

SimInsights adds touch input to web-based collaborative simulations

Now you can build SimMotion models on the iPad using touch! Just touch the screen to create a particle, or drag your finger to define a rectangular body. To connect bodies with springs, dampers etc., simply touch a particle and drag your finger to the next particle. Simulations have never been so easy and fun. We hope you will enjoy the addition of touch input to web-based collaborative simulations. Let us know what you think.



  1. must it be an iPad?
    i made an simulation and embedded it on my blog but it didn't appear on my iPhone safari browser.
    do include a link on your post for immediate use on the iPad?

  2. iPhone and Android are supported as well.
    Can you try this post:

    Please let us know what you see. It works on my iPhone.

    We do have a known issue: Models with images and videos attached to bodies do not load on Apple machines.

    Other models should work fine.

  3. Awesome! it works on my 3GS iPhone just now.
    Nice work!