Thursday, October 25, 2012

MyClass Feature in SimPhysics

Students = Data. Scores = Data.

Taken apart, these are just names and numbers.  Putting these two together is an entirely different matter.

SimInsights have taken their Simulation to another level.  The new feature, MyClass puts students' names and scores together.  It helps both Teachers and students as they use the simulation.  First, the Teacher logs in and creates a "class".  They can simultaneously hold different classes for a single simulation.  They just need to provide different names for each of their classes.  These "class names" are then given to their respective students.  As the Students log in and do the simulations, their scores in each level are logged.  The Teacher can now monitor how each student is doing.  As they see how the students progress in their understanding of the given topic, or the simulation, for that matter, they can zero in on the areas that the students found most difficult to comprehend.  

At the end of the day, both Teachers and Students are beneficiaries of the MyClass feature. 

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