Sunday, March 20, 2011

Collaborative simulation based multidisciplinary study by three high school student teams in CA, VA and NJ

We presented the results of a web-based collaborative modeling and simulation project at the National Science Teachers’ Association (NSTA) 2011 conference. The team consisted of following three teachers and their students.
  • Joseph Santonacita, Physics teacher at Colts Neck High School in New Jersey
  • Ajoy Vase, Math teacher at Ouchi High School in Los Angeles, CA
  • Amol Patel, Biology teacher at Heritage High School in Virginia.
  • Rajesh Jha, SimInsights, Irvine, CA
Collaboration, interdisciplinary systems thinking and communication are among the most sought after skills of the 21st century. The objective of this project was to allow high school students to experience the challenges and opportunities in developing these vital skills.

We used a project-based learning (PBL) ( framework to guide the three student teams to answer the following driving question: How can physics, biology and math illuminate the motion of a pitcher throwing a ball? To answer this question, students worked together to understand muscle mechanics through a collaborative interdisciplinary approach combining ideas from physics, math and biology. The first phase of the project was completed and presented at NSTA. The second phase is ongoing. Following is the screenshot of our presentation annoucement at the site:

The presentation slides are available here.

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