Saturday, February 5, 2011

New game on electrostatic force added to "Physics to the Rescue"

"Physics to the Rescue" now has a new game called Charge. From the Game page on SimInsights website:

"Tommy can survive only if he stays on the board and does not fall into the icy cold water. He needs you to balance the board by manipulating the magnitude and position of the electrical charge at the bottom right."

Following is a video showing a few seconds of gameplay.

Like other games in "Physics to the Rescue", Charge is designed to engage students with concepts of electrostatic attraction before a lecture covering Coulomb's law. Teachers may assign the game as homework to be completed before the lecture. Students come to the SimInsights site and play the game. At the end of the lecture, teachers would typically debrief the game, allowing students to share their experiences, aha moments, frustrations etc. Finally, teachers connect the game play experience with other instances of electrostatic attraction.

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    the game for K7 to K8 ?
    good effort but you might want to state the intended learners is K7-K8 ?