Friday, January 14, 2011

"Physics to the Rescue" presented at American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT) Winter Conference 2011

A study on the effectiveness of "Physics to the Rescue" guided-inquiry mini-games was presented in a poster session at the AAPT Winter Conference 2011 in Jacksonville, Florida by Anna Karelina. See poster below.

The study was conducted at Glendale Community College and found that students enjoyed the game very much, spending upto 2.5 hours playing it, when they were asked to only spend upto half an hour on it. Students also reported that the game helped them learn the concepts while having fun and asked for more such games. Following are some quotes:

  • Even though the game was hard, it helped me to understand the concept better. We should have more games like this to help us understand better
  • I actually like the idea of learning the lessons through game process because it is fun and I think that I learn better since I’m more interested. I had some difficulties but it was not that big deal – that was interesting idea to have us play to understand the concept
  • The website was a good [resource] that made me to understand concepts better
  • It was an interesting game. It as hard at first because I became confused about frequency but I eventually understood.
  • We need homework tasks that will boost our confidence. Something like this one.
  • The game helped me understand better… I would like more games like that in order to help me to understand
  • The game was interesting and helpful to better understand the subject.

To learn more about Physics to the Rescue, click here.

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