Monday, August 16, 2010

SimNewton: The perfect way to embed examples in your website.

Attention all physics teachers! Looking for a fun way to spice up classical mechanics? If so, take a look at SimNewton! SimNewton is the easiest way to view simulations YOU make from anywhere! All you need is a Google or Yahoo mail account to start making your own simulations?

Too busy to make your own? Check out our public models at and see how our simulations can help you!

You probably won't be convinced from just our voice, though. How about seeing our examples for yourself? We've made models that demonstrate examples from California's high school physics curriculum. Check out for yourself how you can use our simulations to help you teach!

You can even embed our simulations into your own blogs, notes, or wherever else you may need them! Play around with the model of a beam below!

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